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Ultra-Eco and Keys with Island, Reef and Ultra-Lighthouse Flight Yes, more lighthouses and more of The Keys! This flight really let’s you soak it all in by including all of the sightseeing and flying with the Basic, Long and Extra Flights while adding in so much more by traveling beyond The Seven Mile Bridge!Key West Private Charter Seaplane for Scenic Flights and Tours

We start with checking out the island of Key West, the reef and Sand Key Lighthouse, the islands west of Key West! But we’re not done, the extra flight time allows for further exploration of the uninhabited islands, north of the Keys chain, including the Content Keys, The Seven Mile Bridge, Pigeon Key, Sombrero Lighthouse, Bahia Honda State Park. Then we travel further up the keys chain to explore the ultra beautiful Alligator Lighthouse and its reef. Other sights include seeing the areas of the Seven Mile Bridge, Back Country Flats, Pigeon Key, Little Palm Island, Reef Lighthouses and many of The Keys hidden treasures.

This flight provides the opportunity to see all of the amazing wildlife such as rays, sharks, turtles, and dolphins of all sorts! You will also enjoy the rare opportunity to see truly photogenic lighthouses! After this flight, you’ll definitely want to quit your job and move to The Keys! Seaplane flights include water landing and take off, weather and conditions permitting.

Approximately 100 minutes.