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Key West Private Charter Seaplane for Scenic Flights and ToursIf you crave to explore the uninhabited islands west of Key West to see our untouched, natural beauty- this Long flight is for you!

Includes all of the amazing sights as described in the Basic Island, Reef and Lighthouse Flight but adds in the opportunity to go where no road goes! We travel over some of our gorgeous “backcountry” islands that are accessible only by boat or by air. Flying at low-level allows amazing opportunity to see wildlife in the water such as dolphin, rays, turtles, sharks and tarpon. This flight also includes a shipwreck or two as you travel out towards Woman Key. Seaplane flights include water landing and take-off weather and conditions permitting. See The Keys from a totally different perspective and fall in love with the natural beauty of our undeveloped islands.

You’ll escape from the rest of the crazy world! No passport required! Yes, this flight is great to do at sunset! Approximately 50 minutes.