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Little Palm Island is one of the Keys true hidden treasures. Only reachable by yacht, ferry, or seaplane; it truly is the getaway you’re looking for. Whether it’s for a bite of delectable food, or for a week at a time, Keys Seaplanes is the way to arrive to Little Palm island. Check out our most popular options for Little Palm Island.

Fly to Little Palm Island for Brunch/Lunch or Dinner

Little Palm Island

Escape to this private and exquisite island resort via your own private seaplane charter! Originate from anywhere on The Mainland or in The Keys (including Watson Island Seaplane Base, Miami International, Key West or your private water front home or hotel) and enjoy low-level aerial flying for sightseeing along the way to your island destination. Our seaplanes are amphibious so we are capable of landing on water, as well as on land. There is no better way to escape the world than by one of our seaplanes. No matter from what airport, we’ll promptly deliver you to the Little Palm Island seaplane doc, and you won’t even get your feet wet! (Of course, we can also originate at any water-based point such as Watson Island Seaplane Base near Miami’s South Beach, or even your waterside home).

foodBreakfast, Lunch, or Dinner!

Be whisked away via your private seaplane for an experience that will recharge your inner battery with your time spent in the air and on the island! We offer private seaplane flights for guests to enjoy incredible cuisine at breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner.

The internationally-acclaimed Little Palm Island, found on Conde’ Nast’s Top Ten List offers amazing menus for all meals and couples y our delicious meal with impeccable service in a gorgeous tropical setting that is beyond private and relaxing. What an incredible way to propose to your special someone, celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or simply a special treat to celebrate life!

If you’re a bit lost where to begin, our getaway planner at Key’s Seaplanes will make all arrangements, including your reservations with the island. We will also handle all special requests such as arranging for a private beach side seating, a special menu, or anything else your heart desires. One call or email to us and we will take care of everything. Then on your date of travel, simply board your private seaplane and enjoy the day!

Escape to Little Palm Island & Spa

Key West Private Charter Seaplane to Little Palm Island for a one of a kind experience with Key Deer & other keys unique wildlife!

Key West Private Charter Seaplane to Little Palm Island for a one of a kind experience with Key Deer & other keys unique wildlife!

Key’s Seaplanes® private and exclusive charters fly daily to the one of a kind tropical paradise, Little Palm Island, hidden deep within The Florida Keys away from everything noisy and populated. There’s a reason we refer to it as a paradise. What makes Little Palm Island so special, is that it’s only accessible via Sea Plane, Ferry, or Yacht.

Key’s Seaplanes private charters can take you from almost anywhere on the Mainland or in the Keys, to Little Palm Island. Whether you just want to go there for a night, or just for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner; we would love to accommodate. Key’s Seaplanes provides exclusive seaplane charters which often transports our guests via our private Sea Plane from locations such as: Watson Island Seaplane Base to Little Palm Island, from Miami International/Ft. Lauderdale International to Little Palm Island as well as Naples and Sarasota to Little Palm Island. What makes our Seaplanes so special is that they’re amphibious, which means they have the capability of landing on both land, and water. Which gives us the advantage of originating from any airport, big or small, as well as water-based points such as Watson Island Seaplane Base near Miami’s South Beach or your private waterfront home.

Key’s Seaplanes also offer’s Little Palm Island Seaplane Tours, Keys Seaplanes lighthouse tours, Key’s Seaplanes Eco-tours, and Key’s Seaplanes private charters. To learn more about each of our different packages take a look at the upper menu bar.

Contact Key’s Seaplanes for further information about private seaplane charters to/from Little Palm Island as well as seaplane sightseeing flights for guests staying at Little Palm Island. If you’re not 100% sure, Key’s Seaplanes staff will help you set up and arrange your stay at Little Palm Island.

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Little Palm Island for Overnight & Extended Stay

Beautiful sight of Palm Island and Little Palm Island resort, which can be reached by Keys Seaplane's exclusive charter service!When you need to take a break and escape to paradise for a day, night, or week; Key’s Seaplanes will enable you to avoid the hassles of the tedious drive from the mainland or up the Keys! You can meet your private seaplane at any mainland airport after any commercial flight or even alongside your private Jet. Going directly one flight to the other, you’ll never have the HASSLE of TSA lines, waiting around, or every normal airport excuse in the book. Let Key’s Seaplanes treat you with the respect & experience you deserve.

As soon as you board your private seaplane flight, you’re on your way to the Keys tropical Paradise! Sit back, relax and enjoy the views. Our aircraft are amphibious so we’re able to land on both water and land. We’re able to pick you up from anywhere on the mainland! Whether it be Miami International, Ft. Lauderdale International, Tampa, or Orlando! Also, we’ll even meet you at local or regional airports such as Tamiami, Opa Locka, Ft. Lauderdale Executive, Boca Raton, or Naples. Many of our guests also fly via airline or private aircraft into Key West or private aircraft into Marathon. Then connect with Key’s Seaplanes for a private seaplane charter over to Little Palm Island. All without getting your feet wet! (We can also originate your trip from many water-based points such as Miami’s Watson Island Seaplane Base near South Beach, Islamorada, or even your waterside home).

Some of the incredible Keys Deer you'll see at Little Palm Island and Little Palm Island Resort, along side other Florida WildlifeWe offer both one-way and round trip fares to/from Little Palm Island from anywhere on the mainland or The Keys. You can enjoy extended sightseeing en route to Little Palm Island, or you can choose to fly directly to your private Paradise as soon as possible without any delay. You will arrive direct on the island where you will be greeted by Little Palm Island’s staff. Once on the island you may also choose a local aerial sightseeing flight to include sights such as the Seven Mile Bridge, Sombrero reef and lighthouse, Bahia Honda State Park and Key West. Other options include a day trip to Key West for shopping, dining or sightseeing. You also have options to “Island Hop” from Little Palm Island to an eclectic “locals” restaurant to enjoy a grilled fish sandwich. Contact Key’s Seaplanes directly to book a flight in one of our seaplanes.

Don’t know where to start the planning for your trip? Our staff at Key’s Seaplanes are happy to assist in planning your getaway at Little Palm Island. We will make all necessary arrangements with Little Palm Island in regard to your seaplane arrival and departure so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We can even arrange to return your rental car for our passengers who choose to drive one way.

Little Palm Seaplane Services

Little Palm Island resort

With Keys Seaplanes, you’ll be sure to never leave amazed. Climb aboard one of our state-of-the-art planes, and let’s fly to Little Palm! With our chartered planes, you’ll be enjoying the view, while reaching your destination at the same time!

So, what are you waiting for? Come aboard with Keys Seaplanes, and experience life 500 feet in the sky!

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